Winter Pruning your landscape and trees can provide a multitude of benefits. Here’s why pruning during the Winter is always a great idea:

  • Landscape Damage- Once the leaves fall and your trees and shrubs become bare, it is much easier for you to survey your landscape and check for damaged trees and plant life. It’s also easier to see if certain trees need to be pruned so they can begin growing in a healthier fashion come Spring time. Healing such damage, will prevent the damage from progressing once the wild life and insects come out during the Spring and Summer, as they can worsen the condition.
  • Fast Regrowth- Pruning during the Winter not only helps shape up your landscape, but it is also proven to result in a much faster and more structured regrowth of the pruned limbs. Make sure to prune off dead branches, parts of trees and bushes, so that come Spring time, they will have a much faster regrowth and will look much healthier.
  • Crossed Branch Prevention- While checking your trees, it’s important to keep an eye out for crossing branches. They can also be known as rubbing branches, and the wind causes them to rub together and get weaker over time. If you do find some, prune them back because they could cause gradual damage to each other and eventually break and fall, posing a hazardous threat to you and your landscape.
  • Safety- One of the most important reasons for pruning your trees is for safety purposes. Try to prune any dead branches you see, or any part of your landscape that could be hanging over your gutters, driveways, walkways, or your home in general. Pruning them will keep your property and home safe from any type of danger or damage.
  • Beauty- One of the last and best reasons for Winter Pruning is for the sole purpose and making your landscape beautiful. Prune all the dead pieces away, and pave the way for your landscape to grow in a healthy and beautiful way come Spring time. Pruning during the Winter also provides a decent preview for what it may look like when everything starts growing back.

Pruning your landscape’s trees is something you can do yourself, but if your property has large trees and delicate plantings that may require special equipment, consider hiring a professional landscape company. By Design Landscapes works with residential and commercial property owners to service their landscaping needs throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about our NJ winter pruning services.