Spring is upon us and it is now time to free yourself from the confines of your indoor home and beautify your landscape, here are some tips for a gorgeous spring yard.

  • Spring Cleaning- This phrase doesn’t just apply to your indoor home, it also applies to your outdoor landscape around your property. Spring is the time where your landscape can once again flourish and be filled with life. To achieve this, make an effort to scour your landscape, removing any kinds of debris left from those terrible Winter storms. Check and remove any weeds you may see popping up, and rake out any leaves that might have hid themselves during your Fall clean up. The sooner you begin sprucing up your landscape, the better, since it is likely that many plants may begin sprouting already. So make sure that when they sprout and grow, it’s in a clean and safe environment.
  • Soil Maintenance- Due to Winter conditions, your once healthy soil may have become dried up and less useful to your landscape. Spring is the time to add some new soil, compost, manure, etc. to your landscape to start creating a healthy outdoor landscape. Once new compost or manure is added to your soil, it’s best to wait a week or two to let it settle in and become an ideal location for future plants and flowers to be planted and placed onto your landscape.
  • Consistent Upkeep- Once you have everything in place, it won’t stay beautiful for long if it is not cared for and watched over. Having a healthy and gorgeous Spring yard or landscape will require diligence and care from the property owner. Be sure to snuff out any weeds you may see, make proper use of irrigation techniques like watering every 3-5 days. A good tip would be to add mulch throughout your area to prevent weed growth and so the mulch can withhold moisture for many plants around the landscape.
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