NJ is a state of temperate climate, meaning that it endures all types of weather, from hot, sunny Summer days, to brutal freezing Winter weeks. Living in a state with all four seasons can come with complications and obstacles regarding a home owner’s landscape. What kind of lawn should you have that can withstand such climates? How do you care for said lawn? By Design Landscape can offer up a few suggestions to help anyone looking to spruce up their landscape with a healthy lawn. Here’s a list of proper lawn seed and irrigation suggestions for NJ landscapes:

Kentucky Bluegrass– You may have heard of this type of grass, it’s very common and popular for good reason. It’s a winter hardy type of grass that can withstand those intense weather conditions, while also having the ability to fill in damaged parts of a lawn without the need to reseed, which is great for the owner. Kentucky Bluegrass, is a finely textured grass that can create a beautiful looking lawn, with little hassle involved. It works best when in full view of the sun, and can also be mixed with other types of grasses in more shaded areas, specifically Fine Fescue grass. As far as irrigation goes for this type of grass; It should be watered weekly and is considered a high-water user of grass types due to its shallow root system. So be sure to remain consistent with your landscape irrigation to maintain a healthy lawn. However, it can also withstand droughts in the summer while being able to retain its structure and form, allowing for people to walk over it without heavy damage done during the drought. This is a great all around grass seed to use that can spread easily and create a healthy and sustainable lawn.

Fine Fescue– A grass type mentioned before, the Fine Fescue is often a grass type that is used well with others, such as the Kentucky Bluegrass. It is better planted in dryer soils and can be used in shady areas. Unlike the Bluegrass, Fine Fescue requires little irrigation, and if it is watered frequently the health will drop in quality as it will be over-saturated due to its deeper root system. Although it doesn’t require as much water as Bluegrass, it is also more fragile and can be permanently damaged from frequent footsteps, especially during Summer droughts. A beautiful grass that works well with others, requires less maintenance, but can also be more fragile in the process. Overall, it’s a good addition to any NJ landscape.

Perennial Ryegrass– A beautiful fine textured grass like that of Kentucky Bluegrass, it is often mixed in with Kentucky Bluegrass as both have similar establishment times. Also, both are rather resistant to heavy droughts and can maintain their form and structure through harsher heat conditions. Not as cold hardy as Kentucky Bluegrass, it may struggle in harsh Winter conditions, but it usually provides a strong and healthy lawn when mixed in with Bluegrass. As for irrigation and maintenance, it requires about the same attention the Bluegrass does, so a landscape owner will be able to water both sufficiently and equally, saving them some time in the process.

Zoysia Grass– This type of grass takes a while to establish and grow properly but once its deeper roots develop, it will become a hardy and easily manageable grass type for your lawn. During the Winter time, this grass will remain dormant, but once the Spring and Summer arrive, this grass type will flourish and create a beautifully textured lawn for your landscape. Since it is easily manageable, Zoysia grass does not require heavy doses of irrigation, but it is still wise to maintain a consistent irrigation every week to keep the soil and its roots healthy and strong. Due to its strong root system, the grass can withstand heavy traffics and survive through tough Summer droughts.

Due to its temperate climate, NJ lawns usually have grass types that can withstand most weather, but also require consistent and healthy irrigation to keep the lawn healthy and the landscape looking beautiful. Many property owners look to the help of professional and certified landscapers. By Design Landscapes operates through out the NJ area and can accommodate any property owner with lawn maintenance, grass seed planting, and proper and effective irrigation. Be sure to contact them to obtain the best results for your landscape.