Summer is coming to an end, and with its end come changes to your landscape, here are some August Landscape Tips and Tricks!

  • Keep The Lawn Lush! The vibrant green lawn you once had may begin to fade as the Summer does. A supplemental fertilizer is a good choice for keeping your lawn healthy when it lacks nutrients from its current environment. August is a good time to start adding in said fertilizer. Also, supplemental fertilizer should be high in iron to keep the lawn healthy and fresh. Another difference this fertilizer has is that it is a liquid fertilizer compared to the normal granular types you would use earlier in the Spring and Summer times.
  • Pesky Pest Control! In the time between Summer and Fall, there are specific types of insects that become prevalent throughout the landscape. For example, Caterpillars can chew down your grass and beautiful flowers. Ways to detect them are by checking your plants for bite marks and brown areas around said bite marks. Also, keep an eye out to see if there are more birds hanging around a specific area of your landscape, as that may point to a high population of pests there. Grubs and Chinch Bugs can also be problematic during the later Summers. Keep a keen eye out for sod pullback, if you notice that your sod is pulling back like a rug then you may have grubs in the vicinity.
  • Mulch Away! As Fall approaches and Summer fades, check your gardens and landscapes for bare soil. Mulch is never a bad idea so go ahead and add some to those bare areas, and top off your gardens with some new mulch. Mulch proves a vast array of benefits for your landscape. When Fall arrives and the weather changes, the mulch will keep in more moisture for your plants while also keeping them at a healthy temperature, allowing for a more longevity. Mulch also helps prevent weed growth which will keep your landscape looking pristine, healthy, and neat. Make sure to apply 2 to 3 inches of mulch where needed, and keep the mulch away from stems and trunks to prevent rot.
  • Regular Maintenance! Aside from the previous tips, be sure to keep up the regular maintenance routine for your landscape. Such routines would include weekly mowings, healthy trimmings, consistent irrigation and thorough check ups for fungus and pests.

As the Summer comes to an end, the real world will begin to set in again, meaning more work and busier lives. Landscapers such as By Design Landscapes can help take the load off by providing the proper maintenance and attention to one’s landscape for them. We operate throughout the NJ  area and can provide all the above and much more. Be sure to contact us with any questions.