Spring is in the air, plants are blooming and landscapes are beginning to take shape; many property owners like to think ahead and plan their landscapes with energy efficiency in mind, so be sure to check out some of these energy efficient landscape ideas. These ideas can help cut air conditioning spending costs by up to 50% and keep in mind that spending money on a good landscaping job certainly shows its worth very soon. Professionals like By Design Landscape in the NJ area always provide top tier results when it comes to landscaping, and their work can help you save some energy costs in the long run, saving you money. So, let’s have a look:

  • Plant Based on Climate- A good landscape owner will most likely begin planting certain trees and plants based on their climate. They’re not going to plant all tropical based flowers and shrubs in a temperate climate area, because that is both a waste of time and money. In temperate areas, it can be a bit more complicated because you must plant accordingly based on the position of the sun in accordance with your home, and plant with future seasons in mind. For an effective and energy efficient landscape, consider planting deciduous trees on the south and west side of your property. By doing this, the trees will provide shade and cover from the sun in the Summer time, and during the Winter the trees will be bare and the sun will shine through the branches, heating your home.
  • Natural Ways to Cool Your Landscape- As mentioned before, Deciduous trees and evergreen trees are very smart choices when thinking about cooling off your landscape during the summer time. These trees actually cool the air that travels through in a process called evapotranspiration. So basically, by the time the hot air travels through these trees on your landscape and hits your home, it is much cooler, allowing you to use less air conditioning and saving you a lot of money. These trees will be your best investment since they’ll essentially be doing all the work for you in the Summer time, keeping your home much cooler.
  • Proper Shrubbery Usage- So what about walkways and paths throughout your landscape? You obviously can’t surround your entire landscape with trees, so using shrubs and different types of bushes and vines can go a long way for cooling down areas that are not covered by the trees. Plant shrubs and bushes along walkways to keep them cool, and consider planting them around the house to help prevent hot air from reaching your home.
  • Professional Advice and Assistance by BDL- This process can be a very complicated and sometimes time consuming task. So it’s never a bad idea to consider hiring a professional landscaping company in your area to give you the best results you could possibly ask for. By Design Landscape are certified professionals who operate throughout the NJ area in a temperate climate setting. Contact them and they’ll offer professional advice, and will also turn your landscape into the most energy efficient landscape on the block, saving you a great amount of money in the long run.