By Design Landscapes was recently repaired an important drainage swale alongside a community road that was plagued with continual standing water and minor flooding of the surrounding area. The swale was proving to do more harm than good and was in need of repair to handle the water flow and avoid a potentially hazardous situation.

The swale was mostly degraded, full of grass, soft soil, and mud, resulting in its ineffectiveness. BDL chose to remake the swale using 6-12 inch rip-rap drainage rock, with a layer of filter fabric underneath the stone. For the sides, they chose to use a type of fescue-rye blend seed with green erosion control blankets over top. This design will be more structurally sound and more effective when draining large quantities of water during weather conditions.

Below are some are some images showcasing the progress and positive changes made to the drainage ditch, detailing what it looked like before and after: