Lets be honest, owning a commercial property is a business, and with any business it needs to be marketed. Part of marketing a property is the first impression it gives when people arrive. A lot can be drawn from someone’s initial impression when pulling up to a new location for the first time. Is the property clean, safe, well kept? All these factors subconsciously go into the decision-making process of a potential client or customer.

The property owner must ensure that the landscape represents the quality of the business they have for themselves or their tenants. A commercial landscape is not only a beautiful part of a property, but it can help with getting the best value for your space. With Spring in full swing, and Summer on the rise, it’s a great idea to consider mulching your commercial landscape for a variety of reasons. Here are 5 reasons to mulch your commercial landscape.

Keeping a Beautiful Landscape- Mulch not only is good for your landscape, but it will help your commercial property maintain a professional and polished look. As mentioned before, a property owner will want their property to reflect their personality and business in a commercial setting. The mulch not only helps keep a polished look throughout the landscape, but plants and flowers will also be more vibrant and more attractive, giving an overall appeal to those visiting the property.

Healthy Landscape- This may tie into the first reason but it’s still just as important. Having a healthy landscape on commercial property is an extremely important thing to have. Mulching a landscape will help retain many nutrients over a longer period, giving all the plant life within the landscape a healthier life and more vibrant look. Even during droughts, the mulch will help retain more moisture allowing the landscape the thrive more through the harsher weather conditions. So, while other commercial areas who don’t have mulch and have dying plants and shrubs all along their property, yours will be thriving and will be looking as healthy as ever, even during the hottest days of the year! With mulch being able to retain more water, this also means less maintenance and lower water bills for the commercial property, which is never a bad thing!

Pesky Pest Control– Any Commercial landscape owner doesn’t want their property destroyed and devoured by the pests that inhabit the environment. Mulch acts as a natural deterrent for many kinds of pests that can be harmful a beautiful landscape. Certain types of mulch like Cedar Bark mulch contains natural oils that can repel nasty pests that want nothing but to damage your landscape.

Structured Landscape- Mulching a landscape will help prevent things like soil erosion, which can have negative effects over the entire landscape making it look messy and unhealthy. Once mulch is added, the landscape will be able to maintain a healthy structure and keep that polished and neat look, without having to worry about the soil eroding and changing the overall physical look of the landscape. Remember, it’s important for the landscape to represent the personality of the commercial property, maintaining a string and structured landscape can speak volumes to those visiting.

Weed Control- One of the last and most obvious reasons to use mulch is to prevent those weeds from intruding your landscape. Mulch will provide a strong barrier for weeds, preventing them from sprouting up in the more open areas of landscape. Because of this, the landscape will be able to maintain its proper look without being invaded and overthrown by invasive weeds.