Check out these 5 landscaping tips for pool owners!

Natural Appeal– Many pool owners like their landscape to give off that relaxing and natural vibe during the summer. Incorporating a pool into this look will help in a lot of ways. Use the pool as a center point of the landscape, planting perennials and green shrubbery at certain distances around the area. This will help give it a natural accent and give visitors the feel of walking into a secluded and relaxing outdoor water spring instead of just a regular old pool. With the addition of flower beds around certain spots of the pool, it will have a nice blend of vibrancy and seclusion, helping create the natural style that many desire in an outdoor landscape.

Hardscaping– Having a pool within a landscape can be a blessing. Don’t be afraid to add some hardscaping to the landscape. Consider adding paved walkways and paths that go throughout the landscape and connect to your pool. If you are looking to make the pool the center point of a landscape, and a place of focus, then have different walkways connect to the pool. It will take guests throughout the yard while also ending up at the place of focus. Walkways aren’t the only type of paved addition you can make to the landscape, when planting flowers and shrubs to have that natural style, be sure to add some pavers as a border for the plants, which will help accent the flower set up and add a little more detail to the environment.

Lighting– Those Summer nights can be a blast with friends, and having them stay late and hang by the pool is one of the best things to have. Although it gets dark the later it gets, many landscape and pool owners will add lighting to the pool and landscape. Tiki torches are always a fun and good idea. If you have pathways, add the torchers along the pathways to give the environment some light, and a beautiful and tropical ambiance that leads people to the pool. Pool lights are also a great addition, lighting up the pool makes it stand out at night, and creates a warm invitation to jump right in and keep the party going on for a longer time. Having beautiful outdoor lighting not only helps light up the area, but also creates a more inviting and social environment that invites people to enjoy their time more than they normally would.

Lounging– What’s the point of a pool if you can’t lounge by it? Adding lawn chairs or lounge chairs that blend with the overall style of the landscape and pool setting is a great tip for pool owners. Not only is having seating good for relaxing, but it also adds to that invitational aspect where people who come and visit now have a place to sit and hang out. Also, it’s great to have a lounge chair and soak up the sun and jump in the pool when it gets too hot, who wouldn’t want one!?

Privacy– When it comes to owning a pool within a landscape, some people may want some privacy when they are enjoying time to themselves or with a select few friends. They wouldn’t want neighbors poking their noses in their business. Good ways of keeping privacy are installing fences. Chain Link fences won’t work because people can see right through them, so usually wooden fences are a great choice. Sometimes, you don’t even need a fence for privacy. Consider adding Privacy trees and bushes around your landscape. Not only does it give you privacy, it also adds to that natural appeal mentioned before, which can make things come full circle when landscaping on a property with a pool in it.